Featured in Delaware Today
Markatos Services Inc. was one of four businesses hand selected by the Better Business Bureau of Delaware to be featured in April's issue of Delaware Today Magazine!

Markatos Services Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We provide high quality maintenance services to elite residential homes and commercial businesses in New Castle County, Delaware and Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Markatos Services Inc. has demonstrated the meaning of thoroughness, dependability and consistency since 1983.

September 2013 marked 30 years in business for the husband & wife duo. Learn more about the owners HERE.

 As cleaning experts, we offer commercial and residential cleaning services:

Markatos Reviews

97.2% of customers would refer us to friends, family and other businesses!

Our customers can't stop talking about us! 

Here's why... 
  • Great Reputation
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Professional Cleaning Staff
  • High Standards
  • Executive level cleaning
  • Voted Best Cleaning Service in Delaware
  • Healthy Environment
  • Detailed Cleaning
  • 5 Star Quality Cleaning
  • Free Estimates
  • Courteous and kind
  • Would Recommend to Friends & Family
  • Pet Friendly
  • High-end cleaning service in New Castle County, DE
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Featured in Delaware's News Journal Article

The News Journal
 turns to Delaware's best cleaning service, Markatos Services Inc., for Super Bowl Party Clean-Up advise. Read More...

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Testimonial(s) of the Month

"Great job, very efficient and polite. Windows look great."  

- Marge C.
Garnett Valley, PA

Markatos did an excellent job of handling our move-in clean. Every cabinet and surface was wiped down. All of the appliances were scrubbed and the windows were sparkling. Markatos was very thorough - they arrived on time and the prices were extremely reasonable. We will definitely use them again."
- Anonymous.
Hockessin, DE

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New Castle County, DE 

  • Arden: 19810
  • Ardencroft: 19810
  • Ardentown: 19810
  • Bear: 19701, 19702
  • Bellefonte: 19809
  • Brookside: 19713
  • Claymont: 19703
  • Edgemoor: 19809, 19802
  • Elsmere: 19805
  • Greenville: 19807
  • Hockessin: 19707
  • Middletown: 19709
  • Newark: 19711
  • New Castle: 19720
  • Newport: 19804
  • North Star: 19711
  • Odessa: 19709
  • Pike Creek: 19711, 19808
  • Townsend: 19734
  • Wilmington: 19801, 19802,
  • Wilmington Manor: 19720

Delaware County, PA 

  • Avondale: 19311
  • Boothwyn: 19061
  • Chadds Ford: 19317
  • Garnet Valley: 19060
  • Landenberg: 19350

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