What is a deep clean?
Our deep cleaning process
 is a thorough deep clean of your home or facility. Our well trained cleaning professionals will disinfect, sanitize, and clean your home from top to bottom. During your deep clean our staff is meticulous, detailed, and will make sure nothing goes untouched. 

What type of deep clean are you looking for?
  • Move In - Moving into a previously owned home can put any new homeowner on edge. Markatos will come in and deep clean your home, creating a fresh start for you and your family. 
  • Move Out - Looking to sell your home? We help prepare your home for walk throughs. A nice deep clean will increase your chances of selling your home quickly. 
  • Initial Clean - If you are looking for on-going services, an initial clean is completed first.

Our goal is to get your house to the level where we can easily and efficiently maintain it according to "our" white glove standard of clean. From there we can also help you maintain the cleanliness of your home on a reoccurring basis. Learn more about our reoccurring cleaning services.

deep cleaning, shower tub, dirty"Wow - just wanted to say we were completely blown away by the job you guys did on the house! It looks amazing! Great job by everyone involved. We are definitely interested in the every 4-week cleaning. - Dave

  • "The bathroom looks so clean, I don't want to use it. :) Sat for a while on a clean porch. Both places look really good." - Harriet
 (Initial Cleaning Customer)

    "Cant imagine NOT using your services and wonder where you have been my whole life :) Ha ha! Seriously, You all do a fantastic job and I couldn't be happier."
 - Initial Cleaning Customer

    "Thanks! Everything is fantastic - well beyond expectations." - Initial Cleaning Customer

    “First cleaning was a heavy duty cleaning that was fabulous. My entire house was clean. Now they come every two weeks and do a good job. I highly recommend them.”
- Initial Cleaning Customer

    “It took me half an hour to take in all the sparkling clean surfaces! My beautiful carpets vacuumed in 1 direction, not haphazardly and all the fringes straight! Wood gleaming, glass gleaming... kitchen gleaming - including my sinks!!! 

    Upstairs everything shiny - blinds wiped and shiny - can’t say I remember seeing that in months! Bathroom sparkling! Bed made to perfection, shelves shining. But when I walked into my spare room and saw it all “re-arranged” so nicely, and sparkling - it brought tears to my eyes. 

    You guys went way beyond the call of duty!! Way beyond! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!” - Initial Cleaning Customer


"I recently had my first cleaning by Markatos Services. I met Susan and Nichole before the cleaning and was instantly at ease with their kindness and knowledge. I am looking forward to a long relationship with this company. 
When we came home after our first clean, we noticed a wonderful, clean smell! Everything was sparkling clean. We walked around in wonder, looking at our home through new eyes and new appreciation! In the living room, they even moved the furniture around a little bit, which looked so much better! They brought in a large team for our first cleaning, we were so impressed! As we left, people marched in and got right to work. We were definately struck with how efficiently they worked. The grout and tile in our bathrooms had been completely steam cleaned. Linens had been changed on the beds. Everything looked so good. 

We enjoyed our clean house smell for days afterward! Looking forward to our next cleaning, thank you so much!"

- Kate and Eric, Initial Clean


New Castle County, DE 

  • Arden: 19810
  • Ardencroft: 19810
  • Ardentown: 19810
  • Bear: 19701, 19702
  • Bellefonte: 19809
  • Brookside: 19713
  • Claymont: 19703
  • Edgemoor: 19809, 19802
  • Elsmere: 19805
  • Greenville: 19807
  • Hockessin: 19707
  • Middletown: 19709
  • Newark: 19711
  • New Castle: 19720
  • Newport: 19804
  • North Star: 19711
  • Odessa: 19709
  • Pike Creek: 19711, 19808
  • Townsend: 19734
  • Wilmington: 19801, 19802,
  • Wilmington Manor: 19720

Delaware County, PA 

  • Avondale: 19311
  • Boothwyn: 19061
  • Chadds Ford: 19317
  • Garnet Valley: 19060
  • Landenberg: 19350