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Congratulations to one of our newest clients for getting their home featured in the Home and Style section of the Delaware News Journal! We provided power washingwindow washing, and deep cleaning services to this home.

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2016 Testimonials

I was absolutely delighted with the women that came and how things looked when they left.” – Betty H.

"Great job." - Dante P.

"Great job by the girls. They were very thorough." - Valerie S.

2015 Testimonials

“Great job, very efficient and polite. Windows look great.” – Marge C.


“Always thorough and very friendly.” – James C.

“I have to say this cleaning was remarkable. Adrienne, Jose, and Brenda did an extraordinary job.” – Cheri M.

"Markatos did an excellent job of handling our move-in clean. Every cabinet and surface was wiped down. All of the appliances were scrubbed and the windows were sparkling. Markatos was very thorough - they arrived on time and the prices were extremely reasonable. We will definitely use them again." anonymous

"Wanted to say just how AWESOME today's crew (crew 9?) was. They did a very thorough job and were undaunted by the horrific mess that was my house. I think they vacuumed 4 dogs worth of hair today. And the toothpaste explosion that was my children's bathroom is now beautiful and clean. They were detailed, thorough and most importantly personable and friendly!! Next time we call I'm definitely going to request this crew! Thanks again!" Jaime G. Newark, DE

"No complaints. Adrienne's team works very well. Look forward to her team every three weeks." - Harriet M.

"Extremely service-oriented rendering an excellent job." - Susan G.

"Adrienne, Robin, and Brenda did a great job!" - Cheri M.

"Polite, on time and thorough. The crew is always willing to hear and adjust to your concerns like being careful with the ladder around plantings." - Penny P.

"We are so glad that we chose Markatos Services to clean our windows. The windows look great,. The gentlemen who cleaned them were courteous and took pride in their work going back to make sure that the windows were clean without streaks. We will definitely be using Markatos again and will refer them to neighbors and friends." - Susan B

"My windows have never been this clean and it is simply wonderful! The cleaning crew also did a fantastic job paying attention to details that I don't normally notice. The workers were very courteous and respectful which you don't find everyday. Obviously a top notch organization all around." - Cheri M.

"I run a foster-based dog rescue in my home & believe me this place is NOT easy to stay on top of daily but Markatos has helped me GET & stay on top of the work that needs to be done. The team does a good job here weekly but last week someone from the team set my clock in the basement to the correct time & told me I needed a light bulb in one area & put it in for me. Neither situation is something I probably would have taken a care of myself as quickly. Nice touch of service!" - Marleen O.

"exceeded expectations, very thorough, office staff is nice to deal with as well" - Danielle

"I had 3 new members cleaning my house and of course 2 rooms were not cleaned due to the doors being closed. They are coming back to clean the two rooms. I could not ask for more. But I have to say overhaul they did an great job. Great Job New Team!" - Donna D.

"Team 9 was very complete in their cleaning. They left everything sparkling clean. We are always pleased with the experience we have with your company but team 9 went above and beyond. Thank them for me on a job well done. I hope to see them again in the future." - Jackie W.

"Excellent. The team worked hard, were efficient and pleasant. Job well-done." - Kim B. 

"We continue to be very pleased with your services. Adrienne and April are diligent and professional. We appreciate their flexibility and attention to detail. In addition, they are friendly and pleasant. We enjoy having them in our home. " - Barbara D. 

"We are very satisfied with the window washing service from Markatos. First, they were able to do the windows before May 16 even though I only contacted them on May 8. My former window washing guy could not even though we were regular customers. Michael did an estimate that was a little less than my former window washer charged. The crew was professional, personable and did an outstanding job on the windows in about 90 minutes. Markatos is my new window washing service!" - Stephen S.

"What an amazing company your family runs!" – Peg

"Thanks... You guys are awesome. My house has never been so clean. My shower is so clean I can't believe it." – Robin

"The service by your staff is without complaint. The house feels clean. Thank you."

"The cleaning was fantastic! Thank you so much. It's definitely cleaner than I would've EVER had it without you." – Melanie

"You and Peter did a wonderful restoration job on our 5 year old floors! They look brand new again. Thank you for keeping us very satisfied." – Peg

"Just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a nice job - and providing good services and info - via your newsletter. – Donna

"You know that I am totally loyal to my teams, and they are consistently doing a great job. We don't chat long, but they are pleasant to talk to as well! A thumbs up from the Wells'.

"WOW!" - McClafferty Printing Company

"I just wanted to say Thank You to you and your crew! The windows and bathrooms and overall site looks great! Thanks Again!!! – George

"Thanks again for the job you guys are doing... we love coming home to a really clean house every other Wednesday." – Jim

"The house smelled clean before we even walked in. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. It looks fantastic. The blinds look great and the caulking was exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you and your team for paying attention to every minor detail. We are so excited to work with you!" 

“It was so great to come home and have the house so clean, we really enjoyed it this weekend, thank you so much. It really takes a load off! – Ben

 “Please extend my sincere thanks to Mike, Steve, and Juan for a job well done on Friday. The windows are gleaming! Thanks again” – Anita

 “The ladies are very thorough and detailed. Thank you so much for making the house so clean and relieving me from having to do the work every weekend! Excellent job! – Ellen

 “I would also like to thank you for your quick response. Your company continues to do great work in my home. I am very pleased with your services. – Bianca

 “I was extremely pleased. The men who came to do the work were professional, polite and did more then I expected. They exceeded my expectations. There were four or five workers, which enabled them to get the job done in a superior and timely manner. They were in and out so quickly. The end results were sparkling, clean windows and no mess left behind. Hard to find this kind of service in today's world. I tried to leave a tip, but they refused." Sincere appreciation, - Ruth V. 

 "Everything was perfect. I don't think I have ever been able to get my shower that clean!! – Robin

 "I just wanted to say how pleased Susan and I are with the first cleaning. I could smell a clean house before I even opened the front door! The house looked fantastic! Susan said that the woodwork was done really well, the kitchen and our 3rd floor shower sparkled, and a newly made bed was wonderful. Susan also said that you even got the dead leaves off the plants in the foyer! Please thank the crew for us!"

 "What can I say...the best "Groupon" introduction I have ever had! I had never heard of your company until I saw the Groupon offer and decided to check you out! What a wonderful surprise....I now have your services on "speed dial" on my phone. This first experience was for your window washing service...and the group of men who arrived at my home by far exceeded all of my expectations. My windows glisten, the guys were great and not expected, everything was returned to its original place without my touching anything. I highly recommend your company, your services and your employees...they are beyond great! Next I plan to check out your handyman services! Thank for everything." - Suzie S.

 "Your team did a great job cleaning the windows/screens at my condo last Fall. I would like to schedule another cleaning." - Anita D. 

 "Just wanted to truly thank you for a job well done! We're really pleased! Look forward to your next visit! - Christy C.

 "I just wanted to compliment your staff, they were a wonderful crew, they did a spectacular job in my home. Please continue to send me the same crew. Once again they were great and I will recommend them to all of my neighbors." – Farrah

 "Thanks for coming out today. As always, an excellent job was done!" – Juls

 "Please accept this letter of reference regarding Markatos Services.  For several years, Markatos Services has been providing outstanding cleaning and handyman services for Odyssey Charter School. This is no easy feat, since Odyssey has two separate campuses and, with that, brings unique challenges. Mr. Markatos’ associates are hard-working, honest, dedicated, and always come to work with a smile.  In addition, Mr. Markatos and his team never hesitate to accommodate a special request or make a last-minute project more feasible.   We have no hesitations in recommending Markatos Services for your school or business." Sincerely, - Jacqueline Pastis, Assistant Headmaster, Odyssey Charter School

 "Carmen and her crew did an excellent job!! I am extremely happy with the service we received from your company!! Thank you!!" – Nichole

 "Best Cleaning Service on the Planet.....oh...and did I mention RELIABLE!" – Diane

 "I was extremely pleased and kind of astonished to see the difference, just how dirty the place had been compared to the way it is now. I was very happy with how it turned out and will look forward to future cleanings." – Joel

 "The house is sparkling! Thank you, I can finally have a relaxing weekend!" – Teri

 "The bathroom looks so clean, I don't want to use it. :) Sat for a while on a clean porch. Both places look really good." – Harriet

 "Thanks for your wonderful job with my house." – Kathy

"Thank you, Markatos Services, for the excellent cleaning and handyman services. You never disappoint!" –Stacy

 "Thanks Susan. I love your work!!!!" "Thank you again for your bi-monthly help which is greatly appreciated." – Megan

"I am extremely happy with Markatos Services. They have been cleaning my home for approximately 5 or 6 months. When I come home from work after they have cleaned, I am so happy. My home is so clean. Not just surface clean, but deep down clean. I am a very particular person about my house being clean, and I am extremely satisfied. I also have allergies to dust mites, and I have noticed that my allergies have improved because of the thorough cleaning by Markatos Services. I have had other cleaning services clean my home before Markatos Services, but no one has ever cleaned so well as Markatos. I am also very impressed with Susan. She came to my home initially and was very professional and personable. I was very impressed with the reading material she gave me about her company. I could tell that a lot of pride, integrity, and quality went into her company. In summary, I am very pleased with Markatos Services." – Kathleen

2014 Testimonials

“As always, your crew did an outstanding job. They are all professional, pleasant and hardworking. You must be doing something right as they have been with Markatos for quite a few years now.” – Pat L.

"Excellent, everything's shiny and bright! Love this team!!" - Kathy M.

Fantastic job. A pleasure to come home to the great job they do for us every time." - Danielle M.

"I am pleased with the service Adrienne and her crew. They are respectful and mindful of how I like the house cleaned." - H. Memeger

"Excellent cleaning day!!!" - Kathy M.

"The team did an amazing job." - Becky T.

"This past week the team was very thorough! They are all so pleasant & friendly - my mother looks forward to their visits." - Janelle G. 

“The team did a fabulous job! They arrived on time, were very focused and completed all tasks in the expected time. I was very pleased with the quality of their work, especially the attention to detail in the kitchen. Thank you” – Betty D.

“The girls did a fantastic job of cleaning everything in the house! I especially appreciated the final check done by Jerome at the end to ensure everything was done correctly.” – Stephanie K.

The lady's do a outstanding job.” – Mary M.

“Great job and attention to detail. Thank you!” – Barbara D.

“Sam & her team are great, and our little dog "Mei-Ling" loves them. They made the house look great.” – Sandy W.

“The crew did a outstanding job!” – Donna D.

“When you use tooth brushes and your cleaning team is on the floor scrubbing, that's a sign that your cleaning company is the real deal and you mean business. We would highly recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much for doing a great job.” – Teresa P.

“I could not be here, but came home to a clean home and a happy husband and dog.” – Carol C.

“They do excellent work. I'm always pleased when they finish.” – Barbara S.

"Markatos, or The Cleaning Chapter 1: Dustings Call me Yeager. Some years ago - never mind how long precisely - having a cluttered and dirty house and nothing particular to interest me in cleaning it, I considered perhaps asking someone else to do it. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen, and regulating the circulation. Especially in my house because it is filthy. Whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from methodically knocking people's hats off - then I account it high time to get Markatos in as soon as I can. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I ask Markatos for help. If they but knew it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards having their house cleaned with me. --- If you haven't called Markatos or read Moby Dick in your lifetime, you should." - D.Y.

“My husband and I are so pleased with your services......from top to bottom, side to side, our home is sparking. Your crews were thorough and lovely. Thank you so much!” – Barbara D.

“Team 5 did an excellent job. Love my shiny hard wood floors.” – Becky T.

“Fantastic as always; cheerful, thorough and professional.” – Judith M.

“The girls are very efficient. House looked great when they left.” – Sandy V.

“Every person you sent was excellent! They all worked hard, were thorough, pleasant and easy to deal with. Many thanks! This was a big and mesy job!” – Kim B.

“Mike's team came to do the windows this past week -- they were efficient, professional and pleasant. You should be proud to have such employees represent your firm. We have always been pleased with the work of Markatos' services these past ten years of your service for window washing, power washing and handy man services.” – Pat L.

“The guys that came out to power wash my house did an amazing job. They didn't disturb any of our surrounding plants/garden beds and got our house spotless. The team was professional and needed nearly no guidance on what needed to be done. I've recommended them to numerous neighbors and will use their services again, without a doubt.” – Evan M.

“What a breath of fresh air! After having a cleaning service that lacked quality and completeness, Markatos came in and no one compares! Thank you for making our dental office feel and look like a sterile environment again!” 
Dental Office, Wilmington, DE

“I have been through more than 5 cleaning vendors in my 17 years as manager. Markatos gave the best first impression ever during our first clean this past week! Nothing was overlooked, the staff was swift, professional, and had fun working. I look forward to a long relationship with this company.” 
jasons, New Castle, DE

“The girls did an excellent job!”

Will miss Kevin, as I've missed all my old teams, but April jumped right in and did a great job with a wonderful attitude! As long as I'm not "first on the list, I'm a happy camper! 
kathym, Wilmington, DE

The team did an especially awesome job this month. Everything just seemed to have an extra level of attention and care. FANTASTIC. 
davey, Wilmington, DE

“great work” 
micheald, Wilmington, DE

"Love the team at Markatos Services! They leave my house and studio sparkling! I don't know what I'd do without them! Running after 2 kids and running a business doesn't leave me the time to clean and their team of cleaning people always gets the job done right!"  - Meredith M.

"They did an excellent job." - Barbara S.

"I just wanted to let you know the team did a fabulous job. I was home due to weather and had a couple of request for the team which was off there to do list and they were more than happy to honor. They went above and beyond to work with the family at home. I really enjoyed working with Stephanie, Lacey and Amanda. Great Job Ladies!" - Donna

“Great job again, Thanks” – Lisa S.

“If something is not like you think it should be, they come back to take care of the next day. I have used Markatos service for over 15 years. They do an outstanding job.” – Donna D.

“So nice to come home to such a clean house! Staff very responsive to any concerns!” – Teresa H. 

“The ladies did a great job! I was very pleased with the results and their effort. They were also very caring and attentive to detail.” – Walter L.

“Kevin, April and David were very friendly and did a great job cleaning my house! It helps justify this monthly expense with such great service.” - Theresa H.

“Very pleasant and quick!” – Cindy K.

“Rave reviews - love the work done at the house and how wonderful it looks. My house has never been so clean. It is a true pleasure to work with this professional service. Thanks again.” – Danielle M.

“The service yesterday was excellent. I appreciate the attention to detail and care that was used. Thank you!” – Marissa F.

“The current team is doing a good job and I appreciate the updates to your communication. Especially the call when they are on the way. Thanks” – Bonnie S.

“Kevin's team work well together. They have always done what was asked of them. I do feel the house is cleaned and refreshed when they leave. Do thank them for doing a great job.” – Harriette M.

“Completed the work despite less than optimum weather conditions. Cleaned up and left the area spotless. Very satisfied.” – Anonymous

“Always nice to come home to a clean house!” – Nate Z.

“My home cleaning was totally excellent. I am very picky and everything was totally clean -I couldn't ever ask for more. I am so happy with Markatos.” – Kathleen M.

“Like the service very much. Employees are courteous and respectful and do a good job. My wood floors have never looked better.. I like their promptness and the oversight that comes with the service.” – Eva T.

“The team that does my house is accountable and does a good job.” – Lynn M.

“Great! Very nice people, very clean. Like everywhere.” – Greg L.

“Kevin and his team are keepers, I hope!” – Kathy M.

“Another terrific job by Markatos!” – Dave Y.

“The team did a great job again. They are all friendly and hard working. My house looks beautiful.” – Mimi W.

“I wouldn't have been a Markatos customer for all these years if I thought anyone else could provide better services or have more caring, hardworking and professional teams! Thank You!” – Kathy M.

“Excellent service - perfectly cleaned windows. Thanks!” – Michael H.

“I think the service is very efficient. Workers were very professional. They cleaned everything that was in my contract. Looking forward to their next visit.” – Eva Sands

Great cleaning services.....initial and monthly cleaning! Love to come home to a thoroughly, freshly cleaned house!” – Lisa Z. 

 "Very please with the services... Outstanding company, and will continue to use them (on this house and future homes as well)!"

 "Cant imagine NOT using your services and wonder where you have been my whole life :) Ha ha! Seriously, You all do a fantastic job and I couldn't be happier."

 "Your service has been excellent. I have no complaints. Keep up the great work."

 "Harry and Susan, I think I've told you on several occasions, but I've always referred to your company as my angels! There are 3 things that I dread most about moving to Boston...finding a hairdresser, a doctor and a cleaning crew! Thank you for all you've done for my family over the years. You will be missed."

 “The Markatos Team is reliable and thorough”

 "I love their promptness - always on time if not even a little early! Pleasant work crews. They do a thorough job in cleaning and always willing to follow thru with any suggestions or needs. And of course Susan and Harry are wonderful and always ready to please. Thank you !!!"

 “Thanks for the fantastic job you did on my house. I really appreciate it.”

 “First cleaning was a heavy duty cleaning that was fabulous. My entire house was clean. Now they come every two weeks and do a good job. I highly recommend them.”

 “Quick response, reasonable price, thorough job.”

 “I was extremely pleased with the job Markatos Services did in cleaning my home. They did a wonderful job and I was extremely pleased with the attention to the detail. It made me fall in love with my home all over again.”

 “Excellent!!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. All the guys were very professional, courteous and worked extremely hard. The windows look brand new! Thanks to Mr. Markatos and all the guys! We also worked with Mrs. Markatos, who does house cleaning. Just as excellent! Hard to imagine such professional behavior these days – excellent work, prompt and efficient, well priced. I would highly recommend this Company to anyone!”

 “It took me half an hour to take in all the sparkling clean surfaces! My beautiful carpets vacuumed in 1 direction, not haphazardly and all the fringes straight! Wood gleaming, glass gleaming... kitchen gleaming - including my sinks!!!  Upstairs everything shiny - blinds wiped and shiny - can’t say I remember seeing that in months! Bathroom sparkling! Bed made to perfection, shelves shining. But when I walked into my spare room and saw it all “re-arranged” so nicely, and sparkling - it brought tears to my eyes.  You guys went way beyond the call of duty!! Way beyond! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!”

2013 Testimonials

"Happy to be celebrating the 20 years that we have been with you. Would have been thirty, but we didn't live in DE then." - Charlie, Eddie and Jordan

"What I like most about the Markatos is that they are a family business. They answer their own phones and Susan, Harry and Nicole work with their crews. They have always been accessible and I feel like they really want to do a first rate job for their customers. How often does that happen these days?
So, congratulations for 30 years and best wishes for the future!" - Susan N.

"Congratulations Susan and Harry! We appreciate you and wish you many years of continued excellence and success." - The Scheivert Family

"Congratulations Susan and Harry!! Hope you enjoy 30 more years." - Pat H.

"Thank you for the great service you provide. I have only been using the cleaning service for a few years but what a difference it has made. Congratulations" - Becky T.

“The team did a great job again. They are all friendly and hard working. My house looks beautiful.”

mimiw, Media, PA 

“Arrived on time and was able to complete the job well done. Very respectful of my home, they wore shoe protectors without having to be told. Cleaned up after themselves. Over all very satisfied and would recommend to anyone.”

sitiac, Claymont, DE 

“It's always so nice to come home to a clean house!”

nathanz, Wilmington, DE 

“I wouldn't have been a Markatos customer for all these years if I thought anyone else could provide better services or have more caring, hardworking and professional teams! Thank You!”

kathym, Wilmington, DE 

"Congratulations! It is truly an accomplishment to still be serving your customers after 30 years. As we can attest from our clean house every Wednesday, you are still doing things right! May you and your future generations have many more happy and successful years." - Susan & Jim C.

"Dear Markatos Family: Congratulations on 30 years in business. I am a brand new customer who just had an initial cleaning. My house looks beautiful! The team that came to clean, were friendly and incredibly hard working. It was a pleasure to meet Nichole again when she came to check the house before the team left. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that she is a wonderful asset to your business. I've signed up for monthly cleanings and look forward to having your staff back in my home. Best wishes," - Mimi W.

"Thank you for letting me share 5 of those 30 years with you. The very best to all of you as you continue to grow CONGRATULATIONS!!!!" - Steve K.

"Congratulations on your 30 years of success and dedication!" - Melissa Sappington

"Congratulations, Susan and Harry, this is such a huge accomplishment! I can't believe you have been in business for 30 years! Then again, Susan, you started personally cleaning my home, my current one for 23 years and I believe at least 2 at my former. Where has the time gone? Both of you have achieved great success in building this business. At the same time, I sincerely love both of you, and Nicole as well.
Nicole is stepping into your shoes, and you must be so very proud. You are all such great professionals, and all have exemplary character with big hearts. Many congrats!!!" - Cora P.

"GREAT JOB - I only wish we had heard of you guys many years sooner than we did! Congrats on your amazing accomplishment!" - David Y.

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the “best ever” birthday present from Markatos Services yesterday! After many years of doing my own housecleaning, I finally decided to try a cleaning service so that I would be able to enjoy my limited spare time away from work, not working on cleaning my house. With my busy work schedule, it never seemed that I was able to clean all rooms in my home simultaneously. By the time I got around to cleaning the kitchen, the bedrooms were dirty again, or by the time I finished cleaning the bedrooms, the vacuuming was still waiting to be done. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I came home from work yesterday and EVERYTHING was sparkling clean, all at the same time! The floors looked beautiful, the shower was sparkling clean, and the kitchen appliances looked brand new! I was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of your cleaning staff and the amazing job that they did cleaning my home! Please let your staff know how appreciative I am of their work and look forward to their next visit." - Bonnie Z.

“They did a wonderful job and even went out of their way to do a few things extra which I really appreciated. I will be sure to use your services again when I am in the area and will be happy to give out your name to anyone needing cleaning services.


Thank you,”  - Angela C.


“Your crew was here today, led by Tom (I think). Did a great job and were as courteous as usual. With three men in and out of the house you think there would be a lot of banging and such. No way, they were quite and respectful of my home. Thank you, ES”  - Eileen S.


“Although I have been out of town for a few weeks I am really really looking forward to having the house cleaned. Your service does such a GREAT job. I have passed along your name to a few of the nurses I work with who are considering cleaning help.” - Lisa


“Thanks for following up with me. I had to go with another cleaning company because I really needed the house cleaned asap. Markatos has always done great work on my houses, so I will definitely come back to your for future needs.

Thanks,” - Rachel


“Just a short note to praise Michael Peterson. He power washed our deck today and I wanted to let you know he did a great job. On top of that he is a very nice person and a credit to your company.“ - Dottie R.


“The cabinets look great and so do the floors! Thank you so much for your conscientiousness and quality work. Have a great day!

Thanks,” - Cheri


“I wanted to take a minute to tell you how wonderful JoAnn Davis is. She spoke with me a few times today working on an issue we are having and she is very professional, responsive and helpful. Too often only the “bad” is relayed, so I wanted to relay some good! Have a great weekend.” -Lori


“I am honored to give Markatos Window Cleaning Company the highest compliments on their work ethic. Having known the principle owner, Harry Markatos  since  the days when both my parents, Merle and Mildred Ward were still living. My mom and dad used this companies services for years. I have also had the privilege of using Markatos's services in my homes as well as in my listings before marketing them. During the years of ownership from 1990 to July 2008, my company, ReMax Assiciates, Inc. also used their professional services on numerous occasions in my offices. Thank you, Markatos, for helping to make life so much clearer in the job you have always performed on your window cleaning during the decades that I and my clients have been using your first-class services!  Your professional team has not ever had to make a second trip to redo your FIRST class performance!” - With much respect and admiration: Mary Beth Adelman (Re/Max Associates)


“The place looks really good. Please thank everyone for the extra effort. Have a great day!” – Cheri

“The cleaning teams did a great job with the initial cleaning on Friday. We were very pleased.”  - Barbara E.

“Very good!” –Tim W.


“I love coming home to my clean house. The crew that works on the house is great! Thanks for making life easier for us.” – Susan K.


“Markatos offers very comprehensive and very friendly service.” – Kim B.


“We are extremely happy with your services! Of course, we will continue to use your services. Antonio and Pablo are well loved by the children during the day and the night time crew does an outstanding job as well!” – Odyssey Charter School


“The crew did a great job! Thanks!!  Thanks,”  - Sarah

“The crew seems very nice, they do a very good job and whenever there are any issues associated with our cleaning, Nichole takes care of them right away. We are very satisfied!” – Jim C.


“We are very satisfied with the cleaning services and how friendly and professional your staff is. We look forward to a long working relationship.” – Hogan Firm


“Markatos is freaking awesome and I recommend them to everybody. The crew that comes to our home every 4 weeks is just top notch and we couldn't be more satisfied. Everybody is to be commended for the tremendous job they do!” – David Y. 


"I called earlier today, but wanted to leave a message thanking the crew who cleaned our home today. They really went above and beyond, returning scattered items to their rightful places and even cleaning up the spill in the refrigerator. I'm always happy with the job they do, but today was amazing. I walked into the lemon-fresh smelling family room, was able to actually see the surfaces of the furniture, and smiled in sheer pleasure. (I also appreciate that they work around me blabbing on the computer all morning while they work.) AWESOME JOB TODAY!!"  - Danielle L.


"Thanks for the quick service, looks like all has been fixed." – Cindy


“Earlier this year we had our pergola and support columns braced by your handymen. Thankfully, during the storm, Sandy, everything held in place. Your company did a great job, and we will be calling on you again for your services. Thanks again.” - Higgins Family


“The crew did a great job last week, both on my first floor as well as the in-law suite. Nothing was missed, and the in-law suite looked like new! Thank you to Blanca and the team.” – Daphne


“The house looks great. Thanks for the hard work.” – Michael D.


“I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days, but I just don’t get a lot of time to sit and think. I still don’t have a lot of time, so short and sweet – thank you for doing what you say you are going to do! I really appreciate the way the house looked last week. The issues I was having were all addressed and I am happy. Thank you, and please thank Henry and his team. Thanks!” – Kate


“I was on the brink of tears a couple of times tonight over how wonderful my home looks and smells. Your team did a beautiful job. I don’t think the bathroom has ever been cleaner! I am just getting up to my computer and was going to send you a note. Fabulous job!”


“The crew did a wonderful job! Thanks for everything.” – Sheila

2012 Testimonials

“I am so thrilled over how amazing my house looks today! My house looks amazing. Kudos to the hard working crew that came over to help our family. Thank you for spending the extra time!” – Susan K. 

“I wanted to let you know that Chris did a good job last week. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you & Susan and the family.” – Daphne S.

 “As always, you all did a fine job. The windows look great!” – Anita

“Your workers were in tonight. They are very polite and they keep moving. Thanks,” – Marian

"I just wanted to Thank you. I am always nervous changing vendors since I am so picky and I must say you and your crew did a great job. Thanks again," - P.J.

"Awesome job with the house yesterday. Thanks so much," – Tim

"Markatos Services feels like family to me. I am disabled and really depend on help to keep me independent. When I call the office, I get a quick response and nice people to talk too instead of an automated menu to navigate.  I appreciate the initiative my cleaning team takes when they do my house, they see cleaning problems and solve them. I trust them to be in my house even when I can't be there. 

I've used MS for other services such as power washing, handyman help, and painting. The quality of work was good and prices were very reasonable for someone on a retirement income.  In this age of big companies buying up small ones, it's so wonderful to find a community based business still giving the personal touch."  - Susan N. (Customer since 2009)

"You're like a member of the family - we couldn't get through the week without you." - Ronald B.

"Welcome, Markatos! You've been doing a great job - Thank You! We both love coming home to such a clean house."

"Thanks again for the great job the other week. I've been loving my home!" – Tara

"By the way, I thought I should let you know that Robin and Darryl did a fantastic job this morning! Thank you." - Melanie J.

"I just wanted to let you know the floors look great. Thank you!" – Cheri

"The service has been excellent even when my household is chaotic. The teams are friendly and helpful - a pleasure to deal with. Henry is a delight." - Diane W.

"I LOVE WHAT YOU DID TO THAT DECK/PATIO!! Please tell Mike. Harry, I thank the gods that I have you!!! Have a wonderful weekend." – Tracy

"Wow, what a difference. Very good job!! Things were moved and dusted around. The floors looked a lot better too." – Lorraine

"I was JUST telling a co-worker about how my living room is brighter! Thanks for the follow-up!" – Kas

"They did a great job, the house looks great. We put our house on the market that weekend and it sold in 3-days! Now we need to find a new house fast. Thanks for all your help." - Tim 

"Thank you for your response. I'm sorry that you don't service this area (Maryland). Just by reading all of the positive testimonials of your company, I had a whole list of things that I wanted to have done by your company. Hopefully I will be able to find another company with such a good reputation. Thanks you." – Donata

"Henry and Crew - Thank you for your help. We always appreciate your hard work!" – Megan

"The house looked great after the cleaning! Thanks!" – Rebecca

"Thank you so very much. Susan and I are enjoying doing business with your company. The house looked great." – Jim

 "I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the job your crew did. I will definitely be using you again and will recommend you to my friends Thank you also for being so caring about my health problems." – Theresa

"WOW! The house looks great!" – Maureen

"Your crew does great work and we very much appreciate them!" – Betty

"They are doing a wonderful job! Thanks again!"

"Many thanks for getting our windows and power washing done earlier." – Tina

"BRAVO!!!!! They did a great job Harry. Thanks so much for getting it knocked out. Thanks!" – Tanyell

"Love the smell of freshly cleaned house. Thanks Markatos Services Inc.!" – Charles

"It was such great timing to have the initial clean right before Sibby arrived. I loved having a clean house to bring her home to -- and for all of the company that we've had in the last two weeks!" – Lindsay

“We have been using Markatos for several years and have always found them to be honest and hard-working. This is a nice family owned operation, which we love. Thank You”

“Never had a better vendor/contractor to deal with!” – Bob

“You do a great job cleaning our school, but what makes your service special are the people. Your cleaning staff are friendly and respectful.” – Jackie

“Your team did a fabulous job cleaning my brother's home before he moved in. We appreciate your attention to detail and outstanding service.” – Marykate

“Punctual. I think all the workers paid close attention to detail. I have already recommended your services to several friends. I am a realtor.”

“We have always been satisfied with your service. Your workers are always very friendly and always seem happy. No complaints.”

“We have had tile & grout cleaning, power washing, and a out door faucet installed. Pleased with all the work.”

“Always very professional & friendly & go above & beyond what is expected of their service.”

“You give personalized service. You know me by name… and that is so important. I feel like you know me and my family. That is something that makes us feel so great. Of course the cleaning service is excellent. It saves me time, there is nothing like coming home to a clean house. I can spend more time with my family instead of cleaning!! thanks so much...” - Kate H.

“Your company came and did the requested work. They were thorough and professional. Will use them again.”

 “No recommendations... are already the best that I have used, and could not be more satisfied!”

“Markatos Services helped me get my father's house ready for sale. This was an unusually large project with carpentry, painting and general repair, in addition to cleaning services. I live out of town and really appreciate Markatos Services in getting it done with great professionalism. The house looks great now! I highly recommend them to anyone in the same situation.”

“It was such great timing to have the initial clean right before Sibby arrived.  I loved having a clean house to bring her home to-- and for all the company that we've had in the last two weeks! Have a great day!” – Lindsay

"You guys did a great job last week! Thank you for coming in. Many thanks." - Kathy

"Markatos Cleaning has assigned a new crew supervisor to the Clubhouse. Sandy and I have met with Darryl and he is very attentive to our needs." - Judy (Creekside Newsletter)

"Windows look marvelous - the house is brighter!" - Deb

"You and your team did a terrific job on the house yesterday!! I was very, very pleased with the outcome. It truly "sparkled"! Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the others. Many thanks!" - Betty

"I have to tell you, the crew, especially Mike and Danny have been exceptional!" - Linda

"My wife wanted to pass on "thanks" for everything yesterday, the house looks great. Thanks for all your help." - Dan & Lou

"Thanks to the whole crew for my clean house!" - M&M

"Your crew did a fantastic job! What a great group of people you have working for you!"

" Henry, the last visit was the best - so clean - I appreciate it! - Monica

"Please share my appreciation with your team for everything today. The house looks WONDERFUL! Like before we moved in!! Ken asked me to critique the job and to let him know if there was anything missed or anything I would like worked on. I have nothing to add! The toy room looks adorable. It was organized so well and with cute touches. The kids will love it, but I don't want to let them in there!! I'm still walking around and finding things like, how clean the dog dishes are, my toilet paper triangled, and the beds are so nice! I can't wait for you to come back! Oh, can you bring a few extra cards next time? I have some very jealous friends who would like your contact info. Thanks!" - Kate

"The cleaning Kenny and his crew did for me this week was excellent. It made a real difference in how I feel about my apartment. Many thanks," - Bill

"Holy cow - another amazing job!!!! Please tell everyone involved we are just flabbergasted by how nice the house looks! - Dave

"Oh Lord!!! Harry thank you, thank you, thank you. They did such a SUPER job. I appreciate all you do, more than you can fathom. My/our best and sincere appreciation." - Tracy & Kevin

"I just spoke to the Trader Joe's store in Wilmington, for which you do the window cleanings, and I just thought I would let you know that they are very pleased. They said that whomever you have been sending out for the cleanings is absolutely super - they just love him. He is doing a wonderful job. Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!" - SERVCO

"Harry, I wanted to let you know what a great job Darryl and his crew are doing for us! They arrive on time, are very thorough, and are extremely eager to please. I would also mention that Darryl has demonstrated great leadership qualities and they all work very well together. John, Juan, and Pete come in, do their job, are very respectful and doing a great job as well! Thanks for the great team!" - Sandra (Creekside Village Community

"First, I just want to say how pleased we are with your work! It is so nice to come home to a spotless house. Thank you and your team! This was one of the best decisions we have made in a long time."

"I couldn't be more happy with my current team. They're so professional and thorough!" - Pat

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the work that Mike did in my house. Thank you very much." - Kathleen

"Love the squeaky clean floors. It's hard to know what else went into this quarterly deep clean because it looks great, as always. Thanks" - Peg

"Wow - just wanted to say we were completely blown away by the job you guys did on the house! It looks amazing! Great job by everyone involved. We are definitely interested in the every 4-week cleaning." - Dave

"I would like to let you know how happy I am with the window cleaning that your crew did. Gary, Mike and everyone else on the team were very professional, and I felt comfortable having them in my home. I especially appreciated Gary's attention to detail when he checked everyone's work and the fact that they cover their shoes with booties to protect floors and carpeting. I will continue to use Markatos Services and will recommend your company to my friends and family. Thank you" - Joan

"Mike is in our hearts. He did a wonderful job in our bathroom, remodeling. It is wonderful, we love showing it off." – Jay

"We are EXTREMELY pleased. You guys did an absolutely AMAZING job!!! (not that I expected anything less)" – Chris

"The guys went above and beyond the call of duty. This place was a disaster from events over the weekend and they made it look beautiful." – Sandy

"The floors look amazing! Please thank Kenny for a job well done." - Novak Photography Studios